Catchrain Tours

Welcome to Catchrain Tours

Welcome to Catchrain Tours

Hello and welcome to the beginning of Catchrain Tours! We began our journey, because we believe in creating everlasting memories full with adventure, seeking the most exciting experiences that this world has to offer. 

I, Agatha Catchrain, quit my job 2 years ago to travel the world full-time, because I understood that life's too short. I've visited hundreds of different tours, both the most exciting experiences and extremely boring ones. Because of tour operators and guides who treat tours as rigid history lessons, many people don't find tours exciting. But I want to change that and show you how exciting tours can be. 

For a whole year I was approached by different group tour platforms, offering to host a group tour there. None of them seemed right - the tours were barely customizable, done by a template, with underwhelming itineraries, low value and overpriced. Because of that, I decided to do this by myself, collaborating directly with the best and most authentic travel agency I could find - Backpacking Tours.

The first group tour we're hosting is going to be to Thailand this November. It's going to be 13 days, visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and Phi Phi islands. Take on mind-blowing adventures like bamboo rafting, elephant sanctuaries, jungle zip-lining, and many more. 

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Have a lovely day,
Agatha Catchrain