Catchrain Tours

About Us

Catchrain tours gives you the opportunity to join group tours lead by Agatha Catchrain - an experienced full-time traveler. We create tours to exciting destinations like Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Italy and many more. In collaboration with Backpacking Tours - incredible experienced travel agency, we create the most saturated, full of value and adventure experiences.

Our Mission

Group tours are usually boring, overpriced, low value and not the adventure of a lifetime that we dream of. So we started creating these epic, full-of-value group tours for like-minded people, who want to go on adventures that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We love exciting activities like jungle zip lining, desert buggy rides, jumping in waterfalls, bamboo rafting, hiking up to see iconic views, exploring the food markets and many more. Join us if you'd love to get on adventure together.

Our Vision

While currently we have only a group trip to Thailand open, you can stay tuned for different existing destinations, such as Vietnam, Japan, Italy, Peru and many more. During these group trips, you get to experience the behind-the-scenes of making money while traveling, getting masterclass by Agatha Catchrain on how to get paid to travel, and other ways to make money while you travel.

Meet the Team

Catchrain tours are done in collaboration of teams of Cetsoft in Ireland and Bacpacking Tours in Thailand / worldwide.